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E News 22 May 2017

E NEWS 22 MAY 2017

With the dry season well and truly here, we now head into our major events of the year.

This Sunday it's our triathlon at Lake Bennett Resort which includes the NT Standard Distance C'ships.

Fantastic camping weather at the moment, so why not grab the tent and/or swag and head down on Saturday afternoon?  The resort has camping available.  

Help needed:

If anyone is heading down on Saturday and would be able to set the swim buoys, we would love to hear from you. Please email


Sunday 28 May 2017
Lake Bennett Resort, Chinner Road.
Triathlon (inc NT Standard Distance C'ships)
Supported by Ray White Bayside
7am (check in closes 6:45am)

1.5km swim | 40km bike | 10km run
Short option:  500m swim | 13.4km bike | 3.3km run  

Info & Entry here


Race Director:  Korgan Hucent
Registration:    Tina Sanderson | Jo Duncan
Fruit | Ice:         Volunteer required  (if we are to have post race refreshments we need to have a volunteer fill this position asap)


1.  If you are driving down on race morning and not staying at the Resort, please drive past the gate and park off road on the right hand side.  We require the bike course to be free of vehicles.

2.  Don't forget your timing chip!  (New members will be issued with theirs at check in).

3.  Double check you have all your gear.

4.  Bring water for pre race needs and your water bottles (the local bore water is not to everyone's taste).

5.  It will be dark around check in time, so a torch will be handy.

6.  Please stay afterwards for awards presentation and sausage sizzle.


1.  New events are being added to our calendar.

2.  Date Savers:  

Sunday 25 June 2017:  Off Road Duathlon, (details being finalised).
Sunday 9 July 2017:     Enduro
Sunday 30 July 2017:   Duathlon, AGM, 2016-2017 Awards Presentation, BBQ (afternoon event)
Sunday 27 August 2017:  DTC Long Course Triathlon

3.  As the new events are added to the calendar we need members to fill roster positions.

There is an expectation that all members will volunteer at least once for a roster position each season (if you want to compete on the day it's fine to bring someone to fill in for you.)

A quick check of our calendar from June 2016 to date shows that not to be the case.

This has been discussed at committee level and we are giving consideration to how to manage this going forward.

It has been suggested that if our RD (& other positions) aren't filled two weeks prior to an event, that we cancel that event.

It would be a shame for this to happen as we know we have a huge number of members very capable of covering the RD positions.

It's not difficult, lots of help is provided and it only means missing one event in a season and you are giving back to your club.

So if you haven't yet done a roster duty, we hope to see you among the first to put up your hand!

5.  Well done John Thyne & Kathryn King who took out the recent Kakadu Triathlon and Emma Winterflood who won the duathlon.

4.  Lots of very fit people out and about at the moment.  We have around 20 signed up for IM 70.3 Cairns and 7 for IM Cairns. Our event on Sunday is perfectly placed for them to have a really good hit out before Cairns.

5.  Thanks to those who have already entered for Sunday.  Don't forget, as it's an away event we have an earlier close of entries.

6.  A club tee is on offer to our 50th and 55th entries received.  Be quick!


Surf2Turf action


Robyn Stanley
E News
Darwin Triathlon Club 




Friday, 12 May 2017

E News 11 May 2017

E NEWS 11 MAY 17

We had a good turn out for our Kerran Mudgway Memorial Club C'ships at the weekend with numbers up on last year.

As usual, it proved to be a very interesting and challenging event. It always surprises how different an afternoon start is and there's nothing like running into the evening sunset. Next year we may have to start a little earlier (or issue glow sticks).

A huge thank you to RD Lisa Payne and her boys, who were as busy as all afternoon and well after dark. Lisa has done more than her share of RDing this season and I hope you all thanked her before heading home.

Tatiane & Matt Kelly and their boys also deserve a big mention.  They towed the trailer down and back, shopped for fruit & ice and assisted with a zillion other jobs needed on the day.

Clare Labowitch and Tina Sanderson again volunteered for check in duties, thank you both.

Lyn Farrier managed the water station (and a lot of helpful little hands), the water and ice cold sponges much appreciated by competitors!

A big vote of appreciation to Tom, Josh and Joel who came down to support at the event and ended up as transition guards and eyes and ears on bike course turnaround.

Thanks also to the Surf Life volunteers and St John Ambulance who were on hand to ensure the safety of our participants.


1.  Kerran Mudgway Memorial Club C'ships, 1km swim, 30km bike, 8km run

Male:  Aaron Trenfield  1:49:50  Female:  Jac Crofton 1:56:08

Age Group Club Champions:

25-29  Reece Black |  Emily Moran
30-34  Matt Dames |  Sarah McEachern
35-39  Tom Ryan |  Belinda Townend
40-44  Aaron Trenfield | Jac Crofton
45-49  Jon Clark  | Tara Worby 
50-54  John Thyne |  Gayle Viney
55-59  Brian Gallagher  | Vicki Woodrow
60-64  Clare Labowitch
65-69  Daryl Stanley

2.  Short Option, 500m swim, 15km bike, 4km run

Male:  Kyle Farrier 1:01:12   Female:  Kathryn King 1:04:51

Full results here

3.  Ironman Australia, 3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run

Matt Bishop 35th M35-39 10:44:48
Greg Bush (Life Member) 1st M65-69 11:37:36
Kerri Thomas 8th F30-34 11:49:45

4.  Ironman 70.3 Busselton, 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run

Jamie Baldwin 11th M35-39 4:25:42
Haydn Whitty 81st M30-34 5:16:34
Leanne Fidler 34th F35-39 5:55:32
Richard Bland 138th M35-39 6:07:40

Katie Golding 65th F30-34 7:06:19
Noellene Bland 59th F45-49 7:24:47

Next Event:

Sunday 28 May 2017
Triathlon - inc NT Standard Distance Triathlon Championships
(supported by Ray White Bayside)
Lake Bennett Resort
7am start

1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run

Short option:  400m swim, 15km bike, 3km run

Info & Entry here

Race Director:  Korgan Hucent
Registration:     Tina Sanderson | Jo Duncan
Fruit | Ice:         Volunteer required


1.  We also require added volunteers for this event inc water station, bike turnaround,
run turnaround & mount, dismount marshalls.  If you, or anyone coming down with you, can put up your hand to assist, please email

2.  As this is an away event, we would appreciate early receipt of entries to assist with organising.

Other News:

1.  Great to see old school honesty in play at the weekend in the form of Andrew Hardy informing us he was to be DQ'd for short cutting the course not once, but twice, after using incorrect entry into T2 and finish lines. There was a time when we all did things like that and it helped make our sport great.

2.  On the flip side of the coin, we have noticed some repeat offenders ignoring drafting & blocking rules which are all in place for fairness and athlete safety.  So, to make sure you are all on the same page, please take a few minutes to view this.

3.  Note draft zone is 10 metres with 20 secs to pass in events up to and including standard distance.

4.  Noticed former member Bob Martin won his age group at Ironman 70.3 Port Macquarie at the weekend.

5.  Dag of the Year nomination (nameless at this stage) in from Saturday's event.  It's getting close to that time of year again, so if you have any nominations of daggy acts committed during season 2016-2017 please email  All nominators will remain confidential.

6.  Committee is still looking into a suitable course for a club event (offroad duathlon likely format) in June to be added to the calendar.

7.  Club T shirt winners - Vicki Woodrow and Alex Mahoney

8.  Photos

9.  Good luck to those taking part in the Careflight Kakadu Triathlon or Duathlon at the weekend.

Smiling their way through the course at Lake Bennett  


Robyn Stanley
E News
Darwin Triathlon Club